Turning audiences into sales

Deep Expertise

Knocking leverages 5 years of experience in creating national TV flash programs. Our management team has experience in selling and managing thousands of orders direct to consumers in very short time periods.

Strong Partnerships

Successful Deal segments require a broad range of strong partners. We have active partnerships with leading marketing, e-commerce, technology and fulfillment companies to build successful segments.

Sponsorship Access

Access to key sponsorships can dramatically boost segment profitability. We have relationships with world class sponsors and provide them with the right incentives to anchor a segment as a long-term partner.

Our Secret Sauce

Better analytics. Better relationships. Higher sales.

Detailed Consumer Engagement Analytics - Across Online and Offline

Rich data and analytics are rocket fuel for high impact sales campaigns. Our proprietary Knocking Analytics platform captures, tracks and analyzes consumer interactions from pre-marketing exchanges down to post-sales service calls - and enables us to optimize future sales!

White-Glove Brand Management

High quality brands and products are key for sales success. We know how to win over premier brands - and our tools and processes are built to make the entire flash sale experience a big positive brands.

Integrated Marketing and Demand Generation

We boost sales by integrating TV promos with social media, text and email re-marketing to boost sales beyond native channel audiences .


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We know how to drive sales


Brand and Product Curation

Knocking has relationships with over 500,000 brands through prior flash sales and existing partnerships in the industry. We take great pride in selecting the right, theme-based brands for Deal segments - and we work extremely hard to help our brands have a great sale experience.

per minute

Transacting High-Volume Sales

Knocking is built to handle 5,000+ orders per minute - and we utilize proprietary flash tools to maximize consumer engagement and drive higher sales conversion.

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Production Collaboration

Effective production is critical to a successful Deal segment. We have experience in collaborating with national TV channels to produce high-impact segments and sales.