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HLN always puts viewers first, and partnering with Knocking helps us meet this goal by combining engaging content with the delivery of exclusive deals for our viewers while also delivering an excellent consumer experience on hlndeals.com.

Media Reimagined for Connecting & Converting Audiences.

Knocking is pioneering shoppable commerce for our partners who have unique advantage in the world of reaching consumers. We believe that by curating the right brands our media and digital partners can provide engaging consumers with exclusive offers that can change their seat in commerce to drive engagement and new revenue in this fast-changing world.

This requires more than focusing solely on operating efficiencies from the inside out or just considering consumer advocacy from the outside in. We believe it takes a partner who can offer access to emerging and leading brands.

We help our partners and brands thrive in this new world by providing brands with direct access to consumers. We are leading the way for media and digital partners to realize new revenues without having to change their operations or reduce their ad sales. We help them recognize revenue on content. A major shift is happening with consumers. Contact us to find out how we can rapidly help you recognize new revenue.

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